Friday, July 9, 2010

The End Is Near!!!

Hey Everyone,

Well, we are in the home stretch!! We are in week nine and I am feeling the stress. I have two papers due, as I am sure many of you do and it seems like there is so much to do. I enjoyed working with all my classmates through this class. It has been an interesting learning experience which I was nervous about at first but you have all made it a lot easier. I enjoy writing on the blog and reading everyone else's blog. I do not know about any of you but I am over thinking everything. I feel all the feedback I have learned from this class has helped me become a better writer. I am looking forward to a little down time when our classes end this term. Are any of you doing anything special to relieve your stress during this week? Is anyone doing anything special when classes are over for this term?

I appreciate all of your comments on the blog and all of your help in class. This is probably one of our last blogs for this class and I can walk away saying that I enjoyed this term even though at times I was not sure I would make it...LOL Anyway, thank you everyone! I hope your coming terms at Kaplan are great! Good luck!

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  1. Missie - Congrats to you! You have done a great job blogging this term, and if you were nervous, it certainly didn't show!