Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Feelings!

Hello Everyone! I know one of our option were to write something about this blog-o-sphere we are now working with. When I write on this blog it honestly feels like I am writing on my Facebook page, which I try to do on a daily basis. I think it is my way of keeping in touch and getting my thoughts out. Sometimes sharing things with people can be very therapeutic. I find that in my past classes at Kaplan I have made a couple of friends along the way. I think that because we do not see each other it makes it easy to just go on with our lives or the next class and not connect. I like taking classes online because it allows me to be flexible with my time. I have days when I feel better then others and some days I feel more motivated. So, going to class online allows me to go with the gusto. When I am feeling spunky, I get a whole lot done. When I do not feel like doing anything for class it is nice to know that I can do it later or the next day. I do miss being in an actual class room sometime because I am a talker and love to be around people. My husband laughs at me because he says he cannot take me anywhere without me striking up a conversation with someone. I just believe being nice to people comes back to you. Be nice to people and 95% of the time they will be nice to you. My brother thinks I am part Sunshine care bear and part Kathy Lee Gifford. HaHa! Anyway, I am getting off track here. I like being in class because it helps me with my procrastination. I am a classic procrastinator but when I know I have to actually check in with someone once or twice a week then I make sure things get done. All in all, I am pleased with my decision to go back to school and love being at Kaplan. No regrets! Missie

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