Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday--Vacation or Work??


The reason for the title of this blog is that I feel that I did more work this weekend then relaxing. I am not alone when I say this, trust me. I have spoken to friends and family about this and they all feel like they need to go back to work to relax from the vacation. Haha! I think that most of us strive to have such a good time that sometimes we stress out. Every Memorial Day my family and I go to the parade here in our town. My towns parade lasts all of 30-45 minutes. I am not joking! Haha! Then we go to plant flowers and flags for our lost loved ones. I was surprised to see how many people were doing the same thing. Do any of you have any special Memorial Day traditions?

This evening we had a huge thunderstorm. I could not find my cat. I thought he had gotten out somehow. The power went out, which made the search even more stressing. After about an hour, I found him hiding in the bathroom under the sink. HaHa! His eyes were huge and he was scared out of his wits. I left him where he was and breathed a sigh of relief. Once the storm was over, he came strutting out like nothing happened. About 10 minutes later there was another really loud crack of thunder and I have never seen him jump so high in my life. I know it is wrong to laugh but it was just plain funny! Do any of you have pets that do crazy things when they are in panic mode or scared?

Well, that is all for now. Have a good week!


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