Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Turbulance Ahead!

Hello! It has been a week from which I have not wanted to pull my head out from under a pillow. It is 9:30 pm here in Herkimer, NY and it is still 83 degrees. Last week it was 52 during the day. This weather change has been wreaking havok on me. I contracted the nastiest cold out of nowhere this week and it still has not left me. My uncle had a major heart attack last Friday and I could not go see him because I was sick. Why let a sick person in the hospital??? Just kidding, I know it was to protect him. Then there is the family fueding with each other and me having to listen to all sides of the story. Interesting yes but I dare not ever take a side. Is it just me getting older or do most people feel this way, life is just too short to fight and yell over stuff that should be just ignored??

I find reading a good book can be very therapuetic but I find after doing school work I just do not want to sit down and read anymore. I love reading. It is my favorite pass time and most relaxing thing I do. Does anyone have any suggestions to really good books or really good authors to read??

I have found one thing that has made me less stressed out this week and it is to stop playing most of the games I play on facebook. I felt happiest when I was in there checking on statuses and notes. The games take so long and now when I can be in and out within an half hour, I like facebook again! I have found a lot of old friends and some new friends too! Now just to stay in touch!

Tomorrow hopefully my nephew will be over to visit and tell me that I have no skills to play video games....he really makes me feel old. I love watching his face when he learns something new.

Enjoy your day,


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  1. Missie - Have you read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson? If not, immediately go and get it! There are two other books in the series after that one. They are *highly* addictive, but great -- definitely summer reading!