Monday, June 28, 2010



This blog is up rather late and I apologize. I have been having problems with Internet here and without a car, I have no way to get to Internet very readily. It is frustrating to get the run around by the cable company when you live in a small town and there are few options to turn to for better Internet. One day I will move I swear! LOL

One of the options for class was to discuss how we felt about peer review. I was nervous at first, the very thought of other people besides the professor seeing my work made me nervous. Then I was thinking on the bright side of things and realized that this will help me with a better final paper. I have always hated to critique or criticize anyone Else's work. I always look for the good things and never have the heart to say the bad. I have learned though throughout the years of being a supervisor at work, that not everything can be great all the time. Critiquing is a way to help someone see it from a different point of view. I know all this and how it is beneficial but it does not take away the butterflies I feel when I read someone Else's review of my work. So this will be a learning experience for me in just calming down and looking at what is said. Then making the changes for a better paper. I look forward to all the feedback!

Have a great week!



  1. Missie don't feel bad I just did my blog too. I was nervous too about other people seeing my paper. Last week in seminar I don't know what came over me to post a paragraph in class because I don't volunteer for stuff like that. It wasn't so bad actually it was nice to get the advice I got and I knew it would help me in the end. Doing peer review is so great because now I know where I need to improve and correct mistakes I made that I over looked. Now I can at least get improve my paper and everyone is in the same situation. Good luck and best of luck with your internet!

  2. Missie,
    I use to hate when other peope saw my work because I was always afraid that I did not do it right or had completely messed it up. Now I still get a little nervous about it but know that by doing peer reviews I am getting feedback from others who are in the same situation as I am. I find them very useful because the small stuff we over look after seeing our paper so much someone else picks up on the first time they read our work.
    Good luck with getting your internet situation taken care of and on your paper.