Friday, June 4, 2010

Small Town VS. City Life

Hello! My question for everyone is which do you prefer, living in a small town or the city? I live in a town of about 10,000 residents. I grew up in a very small town of about 2,000 people. My point is this, many people graduate and leave here for college. I have been to the bigger cities in our area but never have I lived in one. I have a few friends that I have visited that live in larger cities and they love it. When I visit, I fall in love with all that there is to do and see. However, when I leave to go back home I feel a sense of relief. Living in a smaller town or village seems more comfortable because of the atmosphere and people. I can go to a store and sure enough I find someone that I know or I am friends with. This can be a blessing and a curse. HaHa! In small towns, everyone knows everyone else's business. When I visit the city, I feel anonymous and sometimes that feels good. I bring this up because one my best friends came to visit this week and she lives in a large city. She was here for only one day and started complaining about how early everything closes here. She got progressively worse as the week went on and said since she had not lived here in ten years that now she feels suffocated here. I felt a little insulted and I probably should not have. I agree that the city has a lot more to offer in the way of places to go and things to do but there is something to be said for the small town charm too. What she forgets is that people here are friendly and there are things to do here, they are just more low key. So, what do you all prefer?

On a different note, this week "Golden Girl" Rue McClanahan passed away. I have been watching the Golden Girls re-runs for years. I love the show and I actually look forward to watching it. In the past two years we have lost Estelle Getty and Bea Arthur and now Rue McClanahan. It feels like an end to an era! Betty White is the last Golden Girl standing. She is having a second coming in her career and she is hysterical. I was just sad about the loss.

My last thought is about procrastination. Do any of you do this? I am a perpetual procrastinator. I put things off until the last minute and then hurry about to get them done. I used to be a planner, always planning ahead. I like to get things done just a certain way. Lately, I have noticed myself procrastinating more and more on different things. I find that I actually get a rise out of finishing things at the last moment. I get a rush and I find whatever I am doing gets done better for it. I think this is backwards, when I was younger I planned out everything and now that I am older I am constantly putting things off. This should be the other way around, shouldn't it?HaHa! Do any of you suffer from this?

Well, that is all for now. Have a great week one and all!

Missie :)


  1. Hi Missie,

    I grew up in a big city, Milwaukee, WI. In 1993, I moved to a small town of 1,000 or less. It was an adjustment at first, as things were not as convenient, such as big shopping malls or larger grocery stores. But now, you couldn't pay me to live in a big city again. I love the small town living surrounded by farms. It is a lot more relaxing and not so much hustle and bustle.

    I am just the opposite as far as procrastination. I used to procrastinate, but now I am just the opposite, especially with my school work. I push myself hard to get things done early, almost like an obsession, which causes me undue stress most of the time.

    Mary Gasper

  2. Hey Missie, I definately hve mixed feelings when it comes to big city living or being in a small town. I grew up on an island which is pretty close to being a small town.... Everybody knows eachother, dates eachother, and knows eachother's business lol. When I lived there I began to grow bored with the lack of stimulation that was surrounding me. I felt somewhat trapped and ready to live. We called it rock fever :) However I would't change grownibg up in a small community for anything. I feel that growning up and raising children is best done in a smaller community. Now that I live in Los Angeles I feel that I can appreciate where I grew up more than I did when I lived there. I am enjoying living in a big city now. There is so much diversity around me and as you stated the anonymous feeling I get is priceless. I love being able to have so many options for almost anything at all hours.

    I too was deeply saddedned by the passing of Rue McClanahan. I grew up on the golden girls and still watch it every morning as I'm getting ready for work.

    As far as procrastination goes.... Ill talk about it tomorrow.... lol Yes I am guilty of pracrastination it makes me crazy! I try to get things done right away but some how I always find myself procrastinating.