Friday, June 11, 2010

Kaplan Decisions

Hello Everyone!
One of the questions that was suggested we discuss for class was; How is school influencing our lives up to this point? I have to say that school has been a positive influence on my life. My main reason to go to school was to change careers and hopefully graduate to work from home. When I first started at Kaplan I was excited and a bit nervous. I am now in my fourth term and very comfortable with my classes. I have found out a lot about myself during this journey so far. I have learned that I can do more when I am faced with a challenge then I give myself credit for. I work hard for my grades and I have learned to balance school and home life. It helps that I do not have a job right now or children which are more of a challenge and I applaud the people who balance it all. It takes work. I happen to have a very understanding family and they tend to stay out of my way when I am doing homework. When I finished high school I went to work as a certified nurse assistant and did not feel the need to go to college. I needed to make money and figured later I would go to school for LPN or RN certification. Life changes though and so do we, my life took a different direction and I found some things I was really good at. I always regretted not going to college. I found the perfect job and loved every minute of working there but when they downsized, I became unemployed. Therefore, I needed a career change and with the disability that I have, working at a desk for eight hours a day is not possible. I need something more tailored for me. I know I am rolling on; it was just of story of how I came to Kaplan. Sorry for being long winded. Anyway, coming to Kaplan has been an eye opening experience. I have learned that I can do almost anything I put my mind to and that it is okay to ask questions. I love to talk and be around people so that is a bit of a challenge with online classes. Do any of you miss the social interaction? I also felt, until coming to Kaplan, that asking questions on how to do something when it is unclear as a weakness. Now, I feel questions help me more than hinder me. I find that with writing classes, like the one we are currently in, I over think the assignment. I get to many ideas and sometimes filtering them is a pain in the neck. I learned in my first term at Kaplan that brainstorming works for me best. I love to just put a lot of ideas on paper and then go back later and filter through what I think is important and which are not. I have tried other processes but brainstorming works best. What works for you? I am a huge fan of lists too! I love making a list for the day and then as I complete each project or errand I can check it off. At the end of the day I love to see a list full of checks! HaHa! I know it is strange. I love the feeling of accomplishment that I get.

Well, I am sure that you have had enough of my rambling but have a great week everyone!


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  1. Missie - I am exactly the same way about lists!